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The Wall Street Journal

"...As the $6 billion storage and organization industry continues to grow briskly, manufacturers are filling every niche. Once just plastic bins in industrial blue or clear, specialized storage products are now available for most conceivable uses in an array of materials, from bamboo to faux leather to sea grass..." Read More >

Carnegie Mellon Industrial Design

"...The world renowned Carnegie Mellon Industrial Design Department chose diamondLife to show it’s Junior level students real world design and manufacture in action. Dr. Wayne Chung brought his 25 students for a morning of hands-on learning on how the prolific diamondLife Design Team went from one to 450 products in less than 4 years..."
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Popular Mechanics

"...My primary goal was to create a better-organized workspace, but I also wanted it to look great. So I built it materials not ordinarily found in a home shop, including fat black iron pipe, rock-hard maple butcher block and polished aluminum diamond-plate pegboard. I couldn’t be happier with the results..."
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Metal Construction News

"...Among XFloor’s stunning characteristics is the range of rich, anodized colors. Patterns and shapes can be created with ease—and as easily as the floor snaps into place, so too can it be snapped out. The interlocking feature allows the floor to be changed as often as you change your mind—and of course, the floor is totally portable so you never have to leave it behind..."
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Performance Racing Industry

“...diamondLife™ has just introduced its new line of GridWall MX™, which is a storage/organization fixture complementing its existing SlatWall MX™ and PegBoard MX™ product lines,” said Gupta. “All fixtures are commercial grade and built for heavy-duty use. Most are even load rated – our smallest pegboard will hold up to one-half ton..."
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Polo America

“....The SlatWall MX allows free horizontal movement of its hooks and accessories, due to its T-slot design. The organizational options are many including: simple hooks, bins, baskets, and shelves. What you can do with them is endless. You can hang your bicycles, golf clubs, winter sports equipment, and most household tools..."
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