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There are two kinds of storage in a garage: the hidden, tucked away in cabinets and drawers, and that which is on display and easily accessible. SlatWall MX storage products are designed as storage and organizational tools, but customers can’t help using them as decorative or aesthetic elements because they look so good. In 1964, Harold E. Graham hand built a prototype for a slatwall and filed for a U.S. Patent. His idea was to display items efficiently and effectively on a wall without needing a permanent fixture attached to the wall. Most people are familiar with pegboards; SlatWall is the next generation with a completely updated look.

The SlatWall MX allows free horizontal movement of its hooks and accessories, due to its T-slot design. The organizational options are many including: simple hooks, bins, baskets, and shelves. What you can do with them is endless. You can hang your bicycles, golf clubs, winter sports equipment, and most household tools and ladders. The flexibility of moving one item to another location in your garage is just a matter of moving the hooks or bins.
Installation is easy if you are a do-it-yourself type person who is mechanically inclined, if not, a handyman can easily install it all for you. Any garage layout can be created. Panels can be cut to accommodate light switches and electrical outlets by drilling a hole and using a jig saw to cut out your internal shape. Easy to follow installation instructions accompany each order.
The most popular SlatWalls are the MDF Laminate and the All Aluminum. The SlatWall MX manufacturing process begins with Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), planed and trued. Then, either melamine or real metals are laminated on under high pressure and heat. The product is then milled and routed with T-Grooves. All SlatWall products are proudly made in the USA.
Over the years, diamondLife SlatWall has become a favorite of many celebrities ranging from: Justin Timberlake to Guy Fieri to Rush guitarist, Alex Lifeson. It has also been featured on many home improvement shows and in movies such as Iron Man. Gaining a beautiful garage is an added plus as you create complete flexibility for your storage needs.
diamondLife also has many other incredible products such as flooring, or for those of us who like to park in the perfect spot each time, you can purchase ParkingSpot.
The ParkingSpot™ makes parking easy and is designed to guide you into your garage and let you know exactly when to stop. As you feel your vehicle go over the first speed bump, you know it’s time to stop. If you feel the second speed bump, you know not to go any further. No more hanging tennis balls from the ceiling to tell you where to stop. No more pulling up too far forward and damaging stored objects such as bicycles, fishing rods, etc. No more not pulling up far enough and being unable to get at the trunk to remove groceries. The ParkingSpot™ takes all the guesswork out of where to park.
When it comes time to order your diamondLife products and create your perfect garage, diamondLife has a complimentary design team to assist you. To contact diamondLife, please go to: www.diamondlifegear.com.
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