Stainless Steel & Aluminum Base Molding

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Protect and beautify your walls with Base Molding MX

All Base Molding feature heavy duty solid metal construction. Pre-formed inside and outside corners eliminate miter cutting. Can also be installed onto curved walls - bendable down to 12" radius walls by omitting the kick. We make many sizes, colors, and finish options to suit any décor style.

Installing Base Molding MX™ has tremendous "bang for the buck" and is hands down the best technique to add considerable visual punch to any space. But don’t forget about the tough protection that only a metal base molding can offer. Why pay similar prices for vinyl or wood moldings when you can have real commercial grade metal? Base Molding MX™ can take a beating by mops, polishing machines, sweepers, etc. and still look great.

Our 4-3/4” size is the most popular since it matches traditional base molding size. However we can make any size you would like. Industry standard 1/4” kick covers gap between the wall and floor for a beautiful finished appearance. You’ll smile every time you walk into the space.

Earth Friendly Pegboard Product

Available in 4’, 8’, and 10’ lengths as well as custom lengths. Check out all of the stunning metals and beautiful colors. Durable and rugged. For wall protection and decor. Use for industry, factory, office, retail spaces, workshop, commercial spaces, garages, kitchens and more. Looks great, works even better.

GREAT!!! Cut to order perfectly & packaged very well for shipping. The diamond plate Base Molding arrived with the protective coating which ensured that there were no scratches. Very smart! All our neighbors and friends love my new "Man Cave" - everyone loves the diamond plate back board and cabinet corners too.
- Dave S. (Calimesa, CA)