Power Rig Pro for data centers
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Introducing the Mobile Scalable Bus Plug Storage System - Power Rig PRO™

In the fast-paced world of data centers, Track Busways are essential for flexible electrical distribution. However, managing and organizing bus plugs can pose significant challenges. These critical pieces of equipment must be stored securely, considering their sensitive nature and high value. Moreover, their unique shape complicates storage further, consuming valuable floor space.

Enter the Power Rig PRO™ - the ultimate solution to your bus plug storage needs. Our patented design revolutionizes the storage and organization of bus plugs, offering a mobile and space-efficient system. With the Power Rig PRO™, you can store up to 78 bus plugs per rig in just 3' x 4.5' of floor space, maximizing efficiency without compromising safety.

What sets the Power Rig PRO™ apart is its convenience and scalability. Designed for easy mobility, it rolls effortlessly to where it's needed. Plus, its modular construction ensures cost efficiency, allowing you to customize and expand your storage capacity as your inventory evolves.

Say goodbye to the challenges of storing and organizing bus plugs. With the Power Rig PRO™, you can optimize your data center's floor space while ensuring the safety and accessibility of your critical equipment. Invest in the future of bus plug storage with the Power Rig PRO™ today.