Power Rig Pro for data centers
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Mobile Scalable Bus Plug Storage System

The Power Rig PRO™ stores & organizes your bus plugs in a convenient and mobile system. Datacenters know that Track Busways offer unparalleled flexibility for the electrical distribution their business critically needs. But storing and organizing bus plugs can be challenging. Firstly, a bus plug is a sensitive piece of equipment that when called upon must support critical loads. Secondly, the shape of a bus plug does not lend itself to easy storage. Thirdly, bus plugs are expensive units that must be stored safely and securely. Combine all of this with the high value of a datacenter's floor space, and it's clear to see that a solution is needed.

That’s why we invented the Power Rig PRO™. Our patented design allows you to store up to 78 bus plugs per rig, safely and securely, in only 3' x 4.5' of floor space. The Power Rig PRO™ rolls with easy convenience, and is modular to allow for cost efficiency, and is scalable to grow with your ever-changing bus plug inventory assortment.