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diamondLife™ designs and manufactures a range of innovative performance-centric products to enhance your work space. Using stunning metals and ground-breaking design, our award winning collection of over 5,000 products can add a high-performance aesthetic to any space. Our world class product line showcases dramatic styling and unparalleled engineering to meet demanding work environments. Most products are heavy duty load rated - an example being our revolutionary PegBoard X2™ metal pegboard panel - a 2'x4' unit holds 1/2 ton – and that’s the smallest size. There is no other pegboard on the planet that’s stronger - and there is no other pegboard that looks more stunning.

Likewise, our entire collection is innovative, style conscious, and performance obsessed. Unlike other internet stores, we manufacture most everything we sell - which keeps us quick, aggressively priced and very agile. diamondLife™ is recommended for commercial, institutional and residential use.
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