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The Strongest Plastic SlatWall on the Planet™

SlatWall PX™ is a versatile interlocking all-plastic slatwall system for storage, organization and display. It is the only load-rated plastic slatwall in the world. Crafted from the highest industrial grade PVC, it will never fade, dry out, crack or peel over time, and is completely impervious to water and moisture. Just screw into your wall and it is ready to go.

Available in an assortment of colors, the SlatWall PX™ is great for factories, workshops, garages, hospitals, retail spaces, laundry, play room and more. It's easy to clean, UVA safe, stain proof, unaffected by chemicals and oils and great for interior and exterior use. The proven T-Channel design allows free movement of hooks for fine adjustment of their horizontal position. Accessories attach simply by sliding into any groove from the front of the panel. This versatile system, offers plenty of space for storing frequently used object within plain view. Moreover, it is adaptable –hooks and accessories can be custom arranged and continually rearranged to meet your specific needs.

SlatWall PX™ is one of the leading plastic slatwalls in North America. We start with commercial grade PVC and extrude it thru aluminum dies at tremendous pressures to create an interlocking slatwall design. Each modular section is 12” high and 48" long and weighs 5 lbs. Simply stack sections on top of one another to create your seamless slatwall. You can cut SlatWall PX™ down to any length to fit your wall. Panels are easily attached to wood studs, drywall, or masonry. Just screw onto your wall and the SlatWall PX™ is ready to go. No maintenance required.

For industry, factory, office, hospitals, restaurants, kitchens, playrooms, and more. Looks great, works even better™.

I really enjoyed the entire process - from talking about my project with the knowledgeable sales staff, to ordering, to receiving my very well packed shipment, to installing and using the product. It is an awesome system, looks so great and is strong as all heck. Thank you for everything and you count me as a diamondLife customer for life!
- Jacob M. (Chicago, IL)