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Commercial Grade Tempered Hardboard

Hardboard PegBoard

Hardboard PegBoard

PegBoard HB™ is a potent organizational tool. Crafted from the highest grade of MDF hardboard, also known as Masonite, it is the most economical pegboard we have ever made. Our included Self-Stick Spacers™ make installation easy - just screw into the wall and it is ready to go.

Available in an assortment of standard sizes as well as any custom size – the PegBoard HB™ comes in either a raw finish or a beautiful glossy black and white painted surface - however it can be painted to complement any décor simply by rolling on a latex paint. Our 1/4” thick tempered hardboard has standard 9/32” diameter peg hook holes spaced on 1” centers allowing any standard hook or accessory to fit. A workspace could not be complete without plenty of pegboard. This versatile tool offers plenty of space for storing frequently used tools within plain view and easy reach. Moreover, it is adaptable -- the pegs can be custom arranged and continually rearranged to meet your specific needs.

For industry, factory, office, retail spaces, workshop, garages, kitchens, tradeshows and more. Looks great, works even better™.

PegBoard HB™ is a wood based product and qualifies as a Class 3 Flame Spread Index:

  • Class 1: Non Combustible
  • Class 2: Flame Spread = 26-75
  • Class 3: Flame Spread = 76-200

Load Capacity

Love your product! Wonderful quality - installation looks beautiful - cured our clutter! Looking to place additional orders with you in the near future. Thank you for great service! PS - I looked at pegboard in the big box stores - nothing compared with your products!
- Alberto O. (Cedarhurst, NY)
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PegBoard X2 Paintable
    roll-on latex paint to complement any decor
PegBoard X2 Tile multiple panels to make a large panel
    if you are considering using an 8x4 panel, consider tiling multiple 2x4 panels
    together instead to save on shipping costs:
    for example, 4 units 2x4 will provide usable 8x4 area
PegBoard X2 Easy to Clean
    just wipe off
PegBoard X2 No Assembly Required
    comes ready to be mounted
PegBoard X2 Use for Storage, Organization & Display
    looks good, works great
PegBoard X2 Commercial and Residential Use
    factories, workshops, retail spaces, restaurants, architectural spaces, garages and more
PegBoard X2 Mounting hardware not included
  garage pegboard 24” x 48” x 0.25”
1152 peg hook holes
  metal pegboard 48” x 48” x 0.25”
2304 peg hook holes
  pegboard tool 96” x 48” x 0.25”
4608 peg hook holes
Tools Download installation instructions (165KB)
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PegBoard X2 per ASTM-84-86
  • 25’ Tunnel Furnace Test
  • Flamespread Index: 160
  • Smoke Density: 90
  • Meets Class C (Class III): 200 or under flame spread

Download fire rating information (24KB)
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  2 x 4 hardboard pegboard Lowest shipping cost  

4 x 4 hardboard pegboard 2nd lowest shipping cost  

4 x 8 hardboard pegboard

Ships flat on pallet via Motor Freight



Custom Size Hardboard Pegboard


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Width (Inches)


Height (Inches)

  • • +/- 0.125" tolerance on custom dimensions
  • • Self-Stick Spacers™ included
  • • Mounting hardware not included
  • • Price breaks at following dimensions:
      24", 48", 72", 96"
  • • Custom sizes are non-returnable
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PegBoard Accessories
(click to enlarge)
Expanding Hollow Wall Anchor
Expanding Hollow Wall Anchor

use in wallboard, drywall, sheet rock,
gypsum board, plaster and paneling
Fits 1/8" to 1/2" thick wall
click for Installation Instructions
how many anchors do I need?

(6 pack)

#14 Zinc Plated Pan Head Screw

for use into wall studs
#14 x 2-1/2" Phillips Pan Head
Zinc Plated
how many screws do I need?

(6 pack)

Self-Stick Spacer for Pegboard Mounting

Length: 5/8"

Self-Stick Spacers™


  • For pegboard mounting
  • Length: 5/8"
  • Quantities required:
    • 2x2 size requires 1 pack
    • 2x3 size requires 1 pack
    • 2x4 size requires 1 pack
    • 2x6 size requires 1 packs
    • 2x8 size requires 1 packs
    • 2x10 size requires 2 packs
    • 4x4 size requires 1 packs
    • 4x6 size requires 2 packs
    • 4x8 size requires 3 packs
    • 4x10 size requires 4 packs

Use with:

(6 pack)

More PegBoard Accessories

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