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Trailer Stone Guard

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Protect your trailer or camper from ugly scratches and dings.

Protect your trailer with our stunning Stone Guard MX. Crafted from real 17GA (0.045"tk) Commercial Grade Aluminum Diamond Plate – not the imitation 22GA (0.025"tk) stamped pot metal that others use – so be sure you're getting your money's worth. Available in any size you need up to 4'x10' and ships conveniently via FedEx Ground so you save on shipping cost. Beautiful, high-polished, chrome-like shine and World Exclusive anodized colors will turn your trailer into a stunning machine. Trailer Stone Guard MX is flexible so it’s easy to flex around curves and bends. Will not peel, flake or corrode. Stands up to heavy duty abuse. Easy to cut, drill, form around radius corners by hand, etc. Diamond Plate is also known around the world as tread plate and checker plate.

Our diamond plate is absolutely, authentic, real commercial grade aluminum diamond plate. The same brilliant metal found on big rigs, NASCAR, fire trucks and other astonishingly cool objects and cool places. Not to be confused with imitation stamped metal that many of others use. Our real diamond plate will not rust, rot, corrode or degrade.

How can you tell the difference between real diamond plate and the fake stuff? The secret is on the backside of the metal. The diamonds on real diamond plate are forged from solid metal and therefore are perfectly solid when viewed from the back. Fake diamond plate is stamped from sheet metal producing diamonds that are hollow on the backside making the fake stuff weak, feeble and less desirable. Real diamond plate has a beautiful chrome like metallic luster. The fake stuff can fake the shine but can't fake the strength of real diamond plate. They say diamonds are a girl's best friend ... but who wants hollow diamonds?

  • Aluminum Diamond Plate
  • Commercial Grade: AA3003H22
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Anodized colors
    • Per ASTM B-632 | ASTM B-137 | MIL-A-8325F
    • Meets ASTM B-136 | ASTM B-580 Type C
I think you guys are awesome. The price was great the shipping was prompt and the product was exactly what I was hoping it was. I thought maybe when I got it, it would be ultra thin because it was so inexpensive but it was perfect. I am a trailer dealer and I could not beat your price on aluminum diamond plate!!!? Thanks and keep up the good work.
- Amie L. (Reno, NV)