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MagPanel is Better than Cork (and now Dry-Erase!)

Our MagPanel is a whole lot better than cork board. The beautiful metal surface strongly attracts any magnet. No sharp pins and tacks to get pricked by so it’s great for kid’s rooms. And no poking holes into documents. Why ruin your little child’s prized drawing or that important Sales Chart with unsightly thumb tack holes when you can use magnets to hang it instead? MagPanel™ can serve a variety of purposes; use as a personal organizer, use for presentations, use as a bulletin board, and even as a teaching aid. It can be mounted on the wall, placed on an easel, or just propped up against the wall (if attached to rigid backing first). And now, MagPanel also works with both Dry-Erase Markers and Wet-Erase Markers. The product is easy to clean and needs minimal maintenance. MagPanel™ is crafted from real commercial grade metals. Use our Galvanized Steel or Brushed Stainless Steel as a great modern & sleek accent to any contemporary space or use one of our great colors to add warmth to any room. MagPanel is very low profile - it only protrudes 1/32" from the wall so no framing is needed. Perfect for the kitchen, office, kid’s room and more.

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I absolutely love, love, love it. It's already helping me stay organized and my granddaughters work on their alphabet and word crafting. When researching similar products you blew my mind with your price. Thanks for such a great product.
- Marcia R. (Chapel Hill, NC)