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Stainless Steel & Aluminum Corner Protectors

Earth Friendly Pegboard Product

Trim out your space with Corner Protector MX from diamondLife. Corner Protector MX feature heavy duty all metal construction. Say goodbye to unsightly dings, scratches and impact damage to wall corners – Corner Protector MX provides a professional solution to a nagging problem. Used for years in commercial applications such as hospitals, airports, restaurants and others. We make many size, color, and finish options to suit any aesthetic requirement.

Installing Corner Protector MX has tremendous "bang for the buck" and is an excellent way to add considerable visual punch to any space. But don’t forget about the tough protection that only a metal corner protectors can offer. Why pay similar prices for vinyl or plastic protectors when you can have real commercial grade metal? Corner Protector MX can take a beating by machines, carts, tools, etc. and still look great. You’ll smile every time you walk into the room.

Available in 4 ft and 8 ft lengths as well as custom lengths. Durable and rugged. For wall protection and decor. Use for industry, factory, office, retail spaces, workshop, commercial spaces, garages, kitchens, and more. Looks great, works even better.

GREAT! Gorgeous products - our space turned out amazing thanks to your stuff! I would recommend diamondLife to anyone.
- Audi Trixx and Tint (Dumas, TX)