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GuitarHanger mX for Slatwall

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Kevin Churko Commenting on Guitar Hanger MX

Multiple Guitar Hanging System

Guitar Hanger MX is a heavy duty wall mounted system for holding multiple guitars. Helps to clear up floor space and keep your guitars within easy reach, and looking great. The system is composed of 2 parts: the SlatWall Strip and the Hanger. Strips come in either 4’ or 8’ lengths and mount to any wall. The sleek high performance finishes and colors show off your prized axes in style. Hangers simply attaches onto the Strip from any direction and are easily removable and repositionable, plus the head rotates 180° for hanging guitars straight or at an angle. The slatwall inspired system has the added benefit of allowing free horizontal movements of the hangers.

Our Hangers are made with welded steel, then powder coated with an added soft foam cushion to protect delicate finishes around the guitar neck. Locking strap secures your guitar safely. If you have multiple guitars, this is the best way to get your guitars off the floor and up on the wall. Looks good, works great.

During the process of building my own studio, The Hideout Recording Studio (www.hideoutlv.com), my wiring installer, Zack Fagan from Under the Wire (www.underthewire.tv), suggested I look at diamondLife gear to clean up and organize my guitar tech room. After checking the diamondLife products out online, I immediately put my order in. The diamondLife guitar hanger not only allows me to solidly hang many guitars on the wall in a small area, it also really looks fantastic and matches the decor in my studio. I would suggest all diamondLife products for anyone who values functionality, quality and aesthetics.
- Kevin Churko, Producer Ozzy Osbourne