Dry-Erase Markers

We offer dry-erase markers that work on all of our MagPanel systems.

Pack of markers
Dry-Erase Markers
  • Pack of 4 colors
  • Includes Eraser
  • Includes EXPO Spray Cleaner for stubborn marks
  • Works with all MagPanels. Markers are less visible on darker MagPanel colors
  • For best results, use EXPO® Dry-Erase Markers and EXPO® Vis-A-Vis® Wet-Erase Markers with all of our MagPanel products. To remove stubborn marks, use EXPO® White Board Cleaner Spray. There are many other brands of dry-erase and wet-erase markers that work however their ease of erase-ability varies (but they all erase completely with EXPO® White Board Cleaner Spray)


(pack of 6)

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