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Factory-Direct Work Space Gear for Commercial Institutional Residential Spaces
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Metal Slatwall

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SlatWall for Retail, Factory, Workshop and Garage

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SlatWall MX™ is the next generation tool for storage, organization and display. The proven T-Channel design allows free movement of hooks for fine adjustment of horizontal positioning. Hooks simply attach by sliding into any T-Channel from the front of the panel. SlatWall MX™ panels are built tough to withstand the extreme heat, cold, and humidity of a rugged work environment. Standard Load Capacity is 30 lbs at 6" distance from face of SlatWall. Load capacity can be increased to 75 lbs at 6" distance by selecting our Channel Reinforcements.

Compared to other brands, SlatWall MX™ is built tougher. We start with the highest grade 3/4" MDF board and then laminate onto it the fascia of your choice. And by selecting one of our real metal slat fascias, you’ll get a slatwall system that simply looks stunning. We use real aluminum diamond plate and brushed aluminum so that nothing looks more powerful or tougher than SlatWall MX™. And most importantly, the SlatWall MX™ is designed to industry standard 3" O.C. which makes it compatible with the millions of standard hooks and accessories available.

SlatWall MX™ Panels are easily attached to wood studs, drywall over wood studs, or masonry. Just screw into wall and the SlatWall MX™ is ready to go. No maintenance required. Some models also feature channel strips which slide out during installation and slide back in to cover the screw heads for the ultimate sleek appearance.

SlatWall MX™ is a versatile storage and display system. With many hooks and accessories, you can store, organize and display just about anything. Moreover, it is adaptable -- the hooks can be custom arranged and continually rearranged to meet your specific needs.

Available in 3 size panels - 2'x4', 4'x4' and 8'x4'. Use for storage, organization and display. For commercial, institutional and residential use. For industry, factory, office, retail spaces, workshop, garages, kitchens, tradeshows and more. Looks great, works even better™.

When it comes to finding products for my home and business, I don’t make a purchase until I know it’s the best. For the organization and storage needs of my fabrication shop, I chose diamondLife. I used a combination of metal pegboard and slatwall. This combination helped me to get everything I need to use off the floor and neatly arranged only an arm’s length away. To top it off, it looks so professional. If you are looking for an aesthetic and functional storage solution for your workspace, make sure to check out
- Chip Wade of HGTV™
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Select a Treatment for the Grooves

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decorative channel strips

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Channel Reinforcements (?)

  • increases load capacity to
    75 lbs at 6" from SlatWall face (?)
  • allow 10 business day lead time
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End Caps

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SlatWall Accessories
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SlatWall MX™ End Cap Kit
SlatWall MX™ Continuous End Cap Kit
  • use to finish edges and to strengthen ends
  • install with self-tapping screws included, no drilling required

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fits 2x4

(2 pack)

fits 4x4

(2 pack)

fits 4x8

(2 pack)

SlatWall MXi™ End Cap Kit
SlatWall MX™ Segmented End Cap Kit
  • use to finish edges and to strengthen ends
  • install with self-tapping screws included, no drilling required
  • 2x4 panel requires 1 set
  • 4x4 panel requires 2 sets
  • 8x4 panel requires 4 sets

click for Installation Instructions


(16 pack)

Expanding Hollow Wall Anchor
Expanding Hollow Wall Anchor For SlatWall

use in wallboard, drywall, sheet rock, gypsum board, plaster and paneling Fits 1/8" to 1/2" thick wall
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(6 pack)

#8 Screw
  • for use into wall studs
  • #8 x 2-1/2" Phillips Bugle Head

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(12 pack)

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More SlatWall Accessories
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