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The worlds first carpet for the garage

Plastic PegBoard

Self-Adhering Carpet Squares

TuffCarpet™ is the world’s first carpet tough enough for the garage. That’s right – a real carpet that you can drive on, power-wash, and is petroleum resistant. Turn your garage into the ultimate show room with TuffCarpet™ Carpet Squares. Hide unsightly concrete blemishes, cracks, and stains of your existing garage floor. So go ahead and pull in your SUV with mammoth tires after a day of muddy off-roading - TuffCarpet™ Carpet Squares can take a beating.

TuffCarpet™ is real carpet but made unlike any other. Made with similar materials found in professional football stadiums (known as Astro-Turf™), TuffCarpet™ is created completely of synthetic polymer fibers. We’ve been able to make these fibers feel soft and cushy rather than plasticky and prickly. The result is a carpet that feels as good as it looks. The synthetic polymer fibers do not absorb liquids and so liquids evaporate away quickly. The fibers are also petroleum resistant so oil and gas spills are not a problem - just scrub it out with an oil cutting detergent and wash off.

TuffCarpet™ Carpet Squares only take minutes to install. Each carpet square has a super high flow bonding adhesive on the backside for easy peel and stick installation. Remove the plastic liner from the backside of a carpet square to uncover the adhesive surface (the glue will not feel tacky to the touch, but it does develop great strength over time once it makes contact with the floor). Bend the 2 ends of the carpet square upwards to create a “U” shape. Place the carpet square down so the bottom of the “U” shape has initial contact to the floor. Fine tune the position so it fits perfectly where you want it. Once you are happy with the position, firmly press the entire carpet square down to the floor. It’s that easy! Just give your garage floor a good cleaning before you stick it down. Unlike paint and epoxy floors, there are no glues, no toxic fumes, and no mess to worry about. Do a single bay garage in less than 60 minutes. And if a carpet square ever gets damaged, simply peel it off the floor and replace it with another carpet square.

Available in several great colors to suit any décor! For Commercial, Institutional and Residential use. For garages, factories, workshops, tradeshows, retail spaces, restaurants, architectural spaces and more. Looks great, works even better™.



2.25 square feet coverage
per carpet square

Yes! I do love your product & will be moving to a new house in three weeks & plan on using it there - as a show piece for my interior decorating clients - a visual is worth a thousand words as they say. Thank you!
- Irma B. (Parker, CO)
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BULLET Self Adhering
     just peel and stick to floor
BULLET Vehicle Traffic Worthy
     Extra durable for traffic areas
BULLET Easy to Clean/Washable
     just wipe or hose off. Power washable.
BULLET Oil/Gas Resistant
     just wash off with soap & water
BULLET Easy to cut carpet squares
use utility or carpet knife 
BULLET 18"x18" Carpet Squares
     fit any size or shape space
BULLET Easy Installation
     no glues, no toxic fumes, no mess
BULLET Easy Removable
     just peel away
BULLET Commercial and Residential Use
    garages, factories, workshops, tradeshows, retail spaces, restaurants, architectural spaces and more
BULLET Barefoot friendly
soft and cushy!
BULLET Flammability Rating
3.50 Pill Test (highest rating achievable for floor covering)
Tools Download installation instructions: (639KB)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view file
BULLET Does TuffCarpet™ come with a warranty?
    TuffCarpet self-adhesive carpet tiles feature a one year limited warranty against manufacturer's defects. If you have further     questions, please contact us.
BULLET How long does shipping usually take after I place my order?
     Depending upon your location, shipments generally arrive in 2-3 business days after order receipt.
BULLET I'm not very handy. Can I install TuffCarpet myself and expect a quality-finished job?
    Absolutely. You don't need any special skills to install TuffCarpet self-adhesive carpet tiles. The process is very simple if you     follow the clearly written, user-friendly instructions enclosed with each order. After you have placed the first four tiles as per     instructions, the rest of the job is a snap. Read the full instructions to see how easy installation can be.
BULLET Does installation require more than one person?
    Except for any help you might need moving furniture or other heavy objects, one adult can easily install TuffCarpet
    self-adhesive carpet tiles.
BULLET About how long will it take to install TuffCarpet in a 9' x 12' space?
    Estimated installation time for an empty, 9' x 12' space is approximately 30 minutes. 
BULLET What does moisture resistant mean?
    Moisture resistant means that water will not affect either the adhesive or the carpet fibers. Should TuffCarpet self-adhesive     carpet tiles get wet, simply remove the water with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and allow drying before use.
BULLET What materials are used in TuffCarpet?
    TuffCarpet self-adhesive carpet tiles contain long lasting polyester fibers and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. Unlike many     self-adhesive carpet tiles, the materials used contain no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which can harm the global     environment as well as contribute to an unhealthy condition called sick building syndrome.
BULLET What is the construction of a TuffCarpet tile?
    TuffCarpet tiles are made from 95% recycled plastic bottles. Each tile weighs approximately 5.5 ounces (+/- 10%) or 22     ounces per square yard, the thickness is approximately 0.25 inches (+/- 10%) and Tile dimensions are 18" x 18". Please note     that all colors online are approximate.
BULLET How do I clean and care for TuffCarpet?
    TuffCarpet self-adhesive carpet squares can be easily cleaned with bleach or any liquid detergent. Simply rinse after applying     the solution, remove any excess with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and allow drying before use. Or, you can have TuffCarpet     professionally cleaned.
BULLET How do I know how many TuffCarpet carpet tiles to purchase?
    Measure the floor surface and allow 10 percent additional for tiles that have to be cut at the walls. Keep unused material for     future use such as replacing tiles that might become damaged.
BULLET What makes TuffCarpet stay securely in place?
    TuffCarpet self-adhesive carpet tiles are held in place by strips of highly performant adhesive solution. Once set, TuffCarpet     bonds securely to the floor surface. However you can remove them easily as well (see below).
BULLET What if I need to reposition a TuffCarpet carpet tile during installation?
    Repositioning TuffCarpet self-adhesive carpet tiles is seldom necessary because our patent pending system does not require     tiles to be attached until they are in position. As the user-friendly instructions specify, simply remove the narrow center release     tape on the back of the tile. This exposes a narrow band of adhesive that still allows the tile to be positioned. When the tile is in     the correct position, applying pressure to the center portion of the tile causes the exposed adhesive to bond to the floor, holding     the tile in position while the two outer release tapes are removed.
BULLET If I move can I take TuffCarpet along?
    TuffCarpet is not designed to be re-installed after use as a floor covering.. TuffCarpet can be removed and if desired new     ones put back down (there is very little residue from these tiles). However the used tiles cannot be re-installed..
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Platinum Tuff Carpet, Ribbed Carpet Squares


  • 18"x18" (2.25 sf/tile)
  • Adhesive is designed to be removable.
    Additional customer-supplied adhesive
    maybe required for permanent adhesion



Light Grey Tuff Carpet, Ribbed Carpet Squares


  • 18"x18" (2.25 sf/tile)
  • Adhesive is designed to be removable.
    Additional customer-supplied adhesive
    maybe required for permanent adhesion

Light Grey


Not sure which color to get?
Order our TuffCarpet Swatches!

Our TuffCarpet Swatches are actual 3"x3" samples - so you can see, touch, & feel the real thing. Your first 5 swatches are free and have free shipping.

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