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Magnetic Board Panel

MagPanel is Better than Cork

Our MagPanel™ is a whole lot better than cork board. The beautiful metal surface attracts any magnet. No sharp pins and tacks to get pricked by so it’s great for kid’s rooms. And no poking holes into documents. Why ruin your little child’s prized drawing or that important Sales Chart with unsightly thumb tack holes when you can use magnets to hang it instead. MagPanel™ is crafted from real commercial grade metals. Use our Galvanized Steel or Brushed Stainless Steel as a great modern & sleek accent to any contemporary space or use one of our great colors to add warmth to any room. Mounting screws included. Perfect for the kitchen, office, kid’s room and more.

For additional functionality, consider our Magnetic Pegboards

I absolutely love, love, love it. It's already helping me stay organized and my granddaughters work on their alphabet and word crafting. When researching similar products you blew my mind with your price. Thanks for such a great product.
- Marcia R. (Chapel Hill, NC)

Tools Download installation instructions (114KB)
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Steel Colors
  • Bone White
  • City Grey
  • Sandstone
  • Sierra Tan
  • Colonial Red
  • Mansard Brown
  • Medium Bronze
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black
Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
Dry-Erase & Magnetic
  • Dry-Erase & Magnetic
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2x4 Magnetic Panel
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2x8 Magnetic Panel
2x10 Magnetic Panel
4x4 Magnetic Panel
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4x6 Magnetic Panel
4x8 Magnetic Panel
4x10 Magnetic Panel

Need a Custom Size Magnetic Panel?


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Width (Inches)


Height (Inches)

  • • Magnetic: Yes
  • • Dry-Erase: No
  • • Material Thickness: 0.030"
  • • 0.141" dia mounting holes around entire periphery spaced appx every 12" (can be omitted by request)
  • • center of mounting holes are positioned 7/16" from edge
  • • ¼" corner radius at 4 corners of unit (square corners optional)
  • • mounting screws included
  • • custom sizes are non-returnable
  • • size tolerance: +/- 0.063"
  • • Largest size possible: 48"x120"
  • • Call or Email us for Custom Shapes

Colors (Steel) (?)

  • Attracts Magnets: Yes (?)
  • Wet-Erase:         ✓ Yes (?)
  • Dry-Erase:         ✗ No (?)

view color chart

Stainless Steel (?)

  • Attracts Magnets: Yes (?)
  • Wet-Erase:         ✓ Yes (?)
  • Dry-Erase:         ✗ No (?)

Most Popular


Dry-Erase & Magnetic (?)

  • Attracts Magnets: Yes (?)
  • Wet-Erase:         ✓ Yes (?)
  • Dry-Erase:         ✓ Yes (?)
  • no mounting holes
  • with ¼" hardboard backer
  • edges are unfinished and require frame/trim
  • non-returnable
FREE Swatches!

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Screw Caps
(click to enlarge)
Product Description For MagPanel™ Sizes Price  
Screw Caps


  • Covers screw with matching color cap
  • Snaps into place
  • We will automatically ship the matching color cap based upon your MagPanel color selection(s)
  • For custom size MagPanels, select the “MagPanel Size” on the right that is closest to your custom size. If in doubt, select the bottom option.

2'x4', 2'x6', 4'x4', 4'x6'

2'x8', 2'x10', 4'x8', 4'x10'



Wet-Erase Markers
Image Product Description Price  
Wet-Erase Markers


  • Pack of 6
  • Works with all MagPanels
  • Markers are less visible on darker MagPanel colors

(pack of 6)

Image Product Description Price  


  • 1/4”dia x 1/8”tk
  • for general purpose hanging
  • 1 magnet will hold up to 12 sheets of paper equivalent to 2.0 oz of weight)
  • magnetic pull force: 2.3 lbs
  • nickel plated

(pack of 5)

Magnet Large


  • 1/2”dia x 1/8”tk
  • for heavy duty hanging
  • 1 magnet will hold up to 22 sheets of paper (equivalent to 3.7 oz of weight)
  • magnetic pull force: 6.4 lbs
  • nickel plated
  • larger & stronger sizes available by special order

(pack of 5)

Button Magnet
  • 7/8" dia x 1/4" thick
  • for medium duty hanging
  • 1 magnet will hold up to 4 sheets of paper (equivalent to 0.6 oz of weight)
  • plastic coated
  • pack of 12








(pack of 12)

Thumbtack Magnet


  • 7/16”dia x 9/16”L (larger 7/8” dia x 1-1/8”L available by special order)
  • for general purpose hanging
  • 1 magnet will hold up to 8 sheets of paper equivalent to 1.3 oz of weight)
  • magnetic pull force: 1.8 lbs
  • color: white (other colors available by special order)

(pack of 5)

Magnet Hook


  • 5/8”dia x 1-1/2”L
  • 1 magnet will hang up to 100 sheets of paper equivalent to 16 oz of weight
  • useful for hanging objects in your locker, fridge, filing cabinet, or even your work light while working on your car!
  • will hang 1.0 lb object
  • nickel plated
  • larger & stronger sizes available by special order

(pack of 2)

Not sure which metal to get?
Order our FREE Metal Swatches!

Our Metal Swatches are actual 2"x3" samples - so you can see, touch, & feel the real thing.
Your first 5 swatches are free and have free shipping.

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