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Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon
Industrial Design

Carnegie Mellon Industrial Design Students
Industrial Design Students Hard at Work

The world renowned Carnegie Mellon Industrial Design Department chose diamondLife to show it’s Junior level students real world design and manufacture in action. Dr. Wayne Chung brought his 25 students for a morning of hands-on learning on how the prolific diamondLife Design Team went from one to 450 products in less than 4 years. Brand Manager, Anil Gupta enjoyed showing the students around, “It’s great to be able to show young designers the benefit of manufacturing knowledge as it relates to good design. It’s one thing to dream something up but a whole another thing to make it economically and efficiently. I believe one of the key reasons for diamondLife’s explosive growth is our basic understanding of this fundamental – design for manufacture.” The morning was filled with great dialogue between the students and the diamondLife team, “There is nothing quite like seeing a young person’s eyes light up when they see something that really inspires them. You can’t help but feel the energy.”, Anil Gupta added. The Industrial Design Department at Carnegie Mellon produces some of the most creative design minds in the country. Many graduates go on to work with top echelon companies designing new and innovative products that we will use every day.

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Carnegie Mellon Industrial Design Students

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