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This item ships rolled up in a box with the "diamond" side on the outside of the coil. Once the coil is removed from the box, it will naturally uncoil itself. However some residual curve may remain – this is normal and will naturally flatten out when installed.

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Aluminum Diamond Plate

Need a piece of Aluminum Diamond Plate for your trailer? Gotta great project for your workshop?

Get your Aluminum Diamond Plate here - any size you need up to 4'x10' sheets. This is real commercial grade Aluminum Diamond Plate 3003H22 - not the imitation stamped metal that others use. Available up to 0.250” thick. Easy to cut, drill, form, etc. Diamond Plate is also known around the world as tread plate, checker plate and floor plate. What metal thickness should I use?

  • Aluminum Diamond Plate
  • Commercial Grade: AA3003H22 or AA4017H22
  • Allow +/- 1/8" tolerance on all custom cut and bent dimensions
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Anodized colors
    • Per ASTM B-632 | ASTM B-137 | MIL-A-8325F
    • Meets ASTM B-136 | ASTM B-580 Type C

I am super happy with the diamond plate I purchased from you. The price was great, the cut pieces were perfect, and I will order again in the future, You guys are a 5+. Thanks, Jerry.
- Jerry R. (Marysville, CA)


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What metal thickness should I use?
Determining the appropriate material thickness for a given loading condition is an engineering question that we cannot answer. Every material, no matter how thick, will have some deflection when loaded, whether that deflection amount is imperceptible or not. The amount of deflection is dependent on the material thickness, material’s physical properties and the largest unsupported span. There may be some online calculator tools which attempt to predict this amount of deflection. Generally speaking, 0.045" and 0.063" are used as "veneers" and 0.125" and 0.250" are used in structural applications.

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