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Versatile Wall Mounted Shelving System

MOD Shelving

Custom Fitted Shelving System

The MOD Shelving™ system is modern, sleek and custom-fitted to your wall space. Use it in your family room as an entertainment center, in your garage to organize your gear, or even in your kitchen to arrange your pantry. MOD Shelving™ is beautiful enough for aesthetic spaces, and yet strong enough for heavy duty use. All components are constructed of heavy gauge steel with a high polish chrome finish for a beautiful appearance. Shelves are your choice of 3/4" thick wood planks which are 12" deep or 3/16" thick tempered glass which is 14" deep – all of which are fully supported by two horizontal steel cross bars to hold heavy loads. The system mounts onto any wall, and can be made free standing or as floor/ceiling mount by special order. Shelves are adjustable every 2" of height. The system ships complete with mounting hardware - just fasten it to your wall. The best part about MOD Shelving™ is that it's customizable to your space – you decide the height, width and number of shelves – and we make it and ship it to you within 5 business days! Samples are available at your request.


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  • Custom Fitted to your wall space
  • Shelving unit can be any height 12" and up
  • Shelving can be any width 24" and up
      best pricing is in whole foot increments, such as 2'W, 3'W, 4'W, 5'W, etc
  • Spacing of shelves is adjustable every 2"; no tools needed to adjust
  • Each shelf is fully supported by two horizontal chrome plated steel cross bars
  • Your choice of Wood Shelves or Glass Shelves
      Wood Shelves are 3/4" thick MDF Planks finished in Black or White LPM, 12" deep
      Glass is 3/16" thick tempered with polished edges, 14" deep
  • All structural components are beautifully chrome plated
  • Vertical slotted rails (aka Standards) are required only every 48" along wall
Tools Download installation instructions: 240KB
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Please contact us for pricing
 1.888.98.DGEAR (983.4327)
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We'll need the following information:


  • any height from 12" and up


  • any width from 24" and up
  • best pricing is in whole foot increments, such as 2’W, 3’W, 4’W, 5’W, etc

Shelf Material

  • Black or White Wood Shelves
  • Tempered Glass

Number of Shelves

  • depth of wood shelves is 12"
  • depth of glass shelves is 14"


Example Pricing
Size Qty of Shelves Price
46"H x 24"W 3 Shelves $349 > $230 + FREE SHIPPING!
44"H x 32"W 4 Shelves $399 > $260 + FREE SHIPPING!
46"H x 48"W 4 Shelves $499 > $350 + FREE SHIPPING!
22"H x 94"W 3 Shelves $599 > $480 + FREE SHIPPING!
93"H x 24"W 6 Shelves $599 > $450 + FREE SHIPPING!
96"H x 44"W 8 Shelves $799 > $670 + FREE SHIPPING!
96"H x 96"W 8 Shelves $1,499 > $1,230 + FREE SHIPPING!

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