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Helps you know where to park

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

The world's best parking guide is now even better. Now available in 4 larger sizes and with 2 mounting options to choose from. And the new angled speed bumps provide even more tactile feedback to the driver. The ParkingSpot™ Makes parking easy. Designed to guide you into your garage and let you know exactly when to stop. As you feel your vehicle go over the first speed bump, you know it's time to stop. If you feel the second speed bump, you know not to go any further. No more hanging tennis balls from the ceiling to tell you where to stop. No more pulling up too far forward and damaging stored objects such as bicycles, fishing rods, etc. No more not pulling up far enough and not being able to get at the trunk to remove groceries. The ParkingSpot™ takes all the guesswork out of where to park.

The World's Best Parking Guide Just Got Better

  • Helps You Park Within 1" Every Time
  • Easily Visible Day or Night - Chrome Like Shine is Reflective
  • More Durable Than Plastic Parking Guides
  • Diamond Plate Construction
  • Forged Steel Speed Bumps
  • Strong Bolted Assembly
  • Mounting Options:
    1. Peel & Stick for Permanent Installation
    2. Anti-Slip Rubber Feet to Allow Re-Positionability
The parking guide arrived even before the promised delivery date and since then I have been enjoying the ease of parking at the RIGHT spot in my garage every time. No more going too far forward and having to reverse a little to stop the scraping of my front bumper on the garage rising. The guide has sat in place because of the anti-slip rubber feet - since it is not glued to the floor I thought it was going to shift out of place as I keep driving over it; but, it has not moved. The XL size is wide enough for the tire with room left to accommodate another tire width. Great product! And a great solution to a problem which was bothersome for quite a while.

I give diamondLife an excellent rating of "5".
Thanks, diamondLife.

- Gean D. (Royal Palm Beach, FL)
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Parking Spot™

Rubber Feet

Peel & Stick


Parking Spot™
ParkingSpot™ XL
  • Size: 19.25"W x 22"L
  • For Medium and Large Size Cars, Medium Size Trucks and Medium Size SUVs
  • click for dimensions

Rubber Feet

Peel & Stick


Parking Spot™
ParkingSpot™ XXL

Rubber Feet

Peel & Stick


Parking Spot™
ParkingSpot™ MAGNUM
  • Size: 48"W x 44"L
  • For Large Commercial Vehicles: Ambulances, Fire Engines, etc.
  • click for dimensions

Rubber Feet

Peel & Stick


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