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250w of clean and beautiful halogen light

High Tech Designer lighting

High-Tech Workspace Lighting

RaceLight™ brings state-of-the-art hi-tech lighting to the garage. It provides 250 watts of clean and beautiful halogen light to enhance any work space. 5 adjustable light points make the RaceLight™ extremely versatile so it can be used for ambient lighting, task lighting or even accent lighting. Each light point can be positioned anywhere along the RaceRail™. We include 126” of flexible RaceRail™ (3 sections 42” long each) which can be bent and shaped as needed. An integral 250 watt surface mount transformer connects into any existing 120v source making RaceLight™ easy to install for new or remodeling purposes. The RaceRail™ is suspended 4-1/2” from the ceiling by our Standoff Supports. Each light point then hangs 5” from the RaceRail™ and can further swivel to shoot light on a specific spot.

Lighting in workspaces is often overlooked – the usual dim fluorescent fixtures are used. But nothing can affect a space more positively than good quality light. There are 3 types of lighting to consider: ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. RaceLight™ can provide each of these depending on how it is used. Ambient lighting is the primary light source used daily and should provide sufficient and uniform light to create a safely lit workspace. Ambient light should provide the majority of light within your workspace. Task lighting is designed for the kind of task at hand. Good task lighting on a workbench or on a piece of equipment is vital for performing good work. Accent lighting is the most overlooked type of lighting but yet can have a tremendous affect on the mood of a space. Use accent lighting to shoot cones of light down a long wall for a dramatic effect. Or shoot light at your favorite vehicle to create a showroom appearance. RaceLight™ is perfect for ambient, task and accent lighting. Just bend the RaceRail™ and position the light points to create the desired effect. The possibilities are truly endless!

For Commercial, Institutional and Residential use. For home, garage, industry, restaurants, gyms, salons, retail spaces and more. Looks great, works even better™.

5 stars - GREAT! Gorgeous products - our space turned out amazing thanks to your stuff!
- Audi Trixx and Tint (Dumas, TX)
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MaxTile 5 adjustable light points
position anywhere on RaceRail™
MaxTile Flexible RaceRail™
bend and shape flexible rail as needed. 3 sections 42" long each. Total 126" of rail
MaxTile Integral transformer  
quiet 250w surface mount electronic transformer
MaxTile 250 watts of clean and beautiful halogen light     
50w MR16 lamps
MaxTile Metal mesh shades
for a distinct appearance
MaxTile Complete kit in 1 box
for easy shipping and installation
MaxTile Easy installation
mounts into any 120v point
MaxTile Great for remodeling project
    the integral surface mount transformer easily connects to any existing 120v source.
    Just remove existing fixture and replace with RaceLight™
MaxTile Commercial and Residential Use
factories, workshops, retail spaces, restaurants, architectural spaces, garages and more
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Live Support at
Toll Free 1.888.98.DGEAR (983-4327)
8:00am-4:30pm EST M-F

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Product Description
WorkSpace Light Kit

250w Surface Mount Transformer
5x50w MR16 Halogen Light Points
Flexible RaceRail™


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