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Eliminate dings, scratches & BANGs to your vehicle door

Put a BANGuard™ vehicle door protector in your garage and stop worrying about BANGing your vehicle door against a nearby garage post. It's advanced materials cushion even the heaviest vehicle door without a blemish.

Did you know that parking just 12" closer to a post can add 200 more cubic feet* to your garage space.  But don't worry about damaging your vehicle door - BANGuard™ works.

*Calculations based upon standard depth and height indoor garage 22'D x 9'H

I give diamondLife 5+. I used your Impact Protectors on both - the support post and wall in my garage.
- Bill A. (Duxbury, MI)
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BULLET Eliminates Vehicle Door Damage
     Cushions car doors, truck doors and even the heaviest SUV doors
BULLET Completely Flexible
Wraps around posts
BULLET One size fits all
BANGuard™ vehicle door protector is a technically advanced material laminate consisting of state-of-the-science materials. Each component contributes to a surprisingly high energy absorption capacity.
  Parking Aid

Absorption resistant

Absorption Resistant High Flex Synthetic
Absorbs sharp impacting blows by offering super abrasion resistance thereby protecting underlying materials from severing.

gas blown polymer

High Energy Absorption ViscoElastic Gas Blown Polymer
Cushions even the most severe impacts without a blemish to the vehicle door. Even works on the heaviest truck and SUV doors. Polymer stays tough thru severe temperatures.

Powerful bonding adhesive

Ultra Powerful High Flow Bonding Adhesive
Bonds to even the most difficult indoor surfaces: cement block, brick, dry wall, wood, plaster
and garage posts. The active bond stays strong even thru severe temperatures.


Product Description
BANGuard™ for Posts



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