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Turn Your Space into the Ultimate Showroom

Fast Interlocking Floor Tile

Fast Interlocking Floor Tile

SpeedFloor™ is an easy do-it-yourself flooring system that takes only minutes to put together and only minutes to take apart. SpeedFloor™ lays on just about any surface with it's own weight. Use as an area floor with our border tiles or go wall-to-wall by cutting tiles to size and shape. Perfect for shop, trailer, garage, store, tradeshow, fitness rooms, outdoor deck and more.

Turn your garage into the ultimate show room. Hide unsightly concrete blemishes, cracks, and stains. SpeedFloor™ is a tough interlocking floor tile system. An assortment of colors allows endless possibilities to custom design your own floor. Border and Corner Tiles provide a finishing touch. SpeedFloor™ is recommended to not necessarily to go wall-to-wall but rather be used as an area rug with our border tiles leaving a few inches of uncovered sub-floor around the periphery. This helps with expansion and contraction and also makes installation much easier since there is no cutting of tiles.

SpeedFloor™ works great around the home as well. Renovate your outdoor deck or patio into an easy to maintain, stylish entertaining area by installing SpeedFloor™ FloThru™ tiles over existing wood and concrete decking. SpeedFloor™ is UV resistant and colorfast so it won’t fade or crack. Upgrade your basement into a space you can be proud of. Since SpeedFloor™ is moisture and mildew resistant, it creates a moisture barrier from the concrete so everything in your basement is safe and protected. Transform your fitness room into a modern health club - SpeedFloor™ can be laid over existing floors to beautify and protect your workout room. Now even your home gym will have that professional health club feel.

Unlike paint and epoxy floors, there are no glues, no toxic fumes, and no mess to worry about. SpeedFloor™ installs easily - no tools needed - snap tiles together to fit any size or shape space. Do a single bay garage in less than 60 minutes. Complete modularity means SpeedFloor™ can be moved or dismantled at any time. No maintenance required. Each SpeedFloor™ tile contains 14 interlocking hooks - more than any other modular flooring out there - this means maximum holding strength and the quickest and easiest installation. Other tiles can be tough to snap together because they only contain a few interlocking hooks - SpeedFloor™ snaps together ... well a snap!

Available in 14 great colors. For Commercial and Residential use.

This stuff is GREAT! I used it in may garage and even in my apartment, to give me a nice solid floor space for my desk and office chair. By adding a floor protector for my chair, it rolls around quite nicely.
- James H. (Grand Junction, CO)
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a Interlocking Tiles
    easily snaps together and easily snaps apart
a Easy Installation
     no glues, no toxic fumes, no mess 
a Fast Assembly
    no tools needed
a Vibrant colors     
Victory Red™
     Roadster Red™
     Daytona Blue™
     JetStream Blue™
     Velocity Yellow™
     Inferno Orange™
     Thrust Green
     Brickyard Brown
     Sun Tan
     Lightning Silver
     Titanium Gray
     Storm Gray
     Arctic White
     Carbon Black
a 28 Interlocking Points on each Tile
     More than any other competing brand
Maximum locking strength
More hooks results in better self-alignment which means much faster
     and easier snap-together
a High Pressure Die Injected PureGrade™ Co-Polymer
     The highest grade commercial quality plastic material
a 12"x12" Tiles
     fit any size or shape space
a Barefoot friendly
     no sharp edges or corners
a Use as area floor, rather than wall-to-wall
     use our border tiles and leave a few inches of uncovered sub-floor around the periphery – this helps with expansion
     and contraction and also makes installation much easier since cutting of tiles is eliminated
a Easy to cut tile
     for a more custom appearance, consider installing SpeedFloor from "wall-to-wall" without using border tiles.
     Tiles can be cut with
jig saw or band saw
a Easy to Clean
     just wipe or mop off
a Chemical Resistant
resistant to oil, grease, petroleum products, antifreeze and most household chemicals
a UV Stable
UV stable and stain resistant 
a Commercial and Residential Use
     factories, shops, retail spaces, restaurants, architectural spaces, garages, trailers and more
SpeedFloor™ compared to Epoxy Coatings SpeedFloor™ Epoxy
Odorless installation? Yes No
Installed in less than 1 day? yesYes No
Not affected by moisture in concrete? yesYes No
Available in self-draining tile? yesYes No
Portable? yesYes No
Do-it-yourself? yesYes No
Does not require shot-blasting, acid-washing, or surface prep before installation? yesYes No
Offers superior slip resistance when wet? yesYes No
Will not crack if foundation concrete cracks? yesYes No
Easily and quickly repaired if damaged? yesYes No
(click to enlarge)
SpeedFloor™ Daytona Blue

12"x12" (1 SF)

Daytona Blue™



SpeedFloor™ Sun Tan

12"x12" (1 SF)

Sun Tan™



SpeedFloor™ Arctic White™

12"x12" (1 SF)

Arctic White™



SpeedFloor™ Titanium Gray

12"x12" (1 SF)

Titanium Gray™



SpeedFloor™ Lightning Silver

12"x12" (1 SF)

Lightning Silver™
Most popular color!



SpeedFloor™ Storm Gray

12"x12" (1 SF)

Storm Gray™



SpeedFloor™ Carbon Black™

12"x12" (1 SF)

Carbon Black™



SpeedFloor™ FloThru

12"x12" (1 SF)

(mesh tile for passage of liquids)



SpeedFloor™ Border Tile Male

Border Tile Male

1 tile Border Tile Male


SpeedFloor™ Border Tile Female

Border Tile Female

1 tile Border Tile Female


SpeedFloor™ Corner Tile

Corner Tile

1 tile Corner Tile


SpeedFloor™ Modular Flooring SpeedFloor™ Sample Pack
Special - No Risk Samples!

When you purchase minimum 10'x10' SpeedFloor™, we'll refund your Sample Pack purchase!

Wanna get a closer look?
Get our SpeedFloor™ Sample Pack!

Our Sample Pack contains 7 actual tiles so you can touch & feel the real thing and see how easy SpeedFloor™ works. A Color Swatch set is also included.

2 Tiles Lightning Silver™
2 Tiles Carbon Black™
1 Tile Border Male
1 Tile Border Female
1 Tile Border Corner
1 set Color Swatches


SpeedFloor™ Single Kit

Single Garage Bay Kit
Save $192.40

Complete Kit for 8' x 16' Floor:
42 tiles checkerboard color "A"
42 tiles checkerboard color "B"
44 tiles outline color
24 tiles Border Male
24 tiles Border Female
4 Corner tiles
180 Total Tiles

click to see sample layout


Not sure which metal to get?
Order our FREE Metal Swatches!

Our Metal Swatches are actual 2"x3" samples - so you can see, touch, & feel the real thing. Your first 5 swatches are free and have free shipping.

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