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Tv Stand

DiamondRack TV

High Performance TV Stand

DiamondRack TV™ is a rugged TV stand made for indoor and outdoor environments. Ultra Wide 6" Diamond Uprights™ give this TV stand a powerful stance. Comes standard with 2 shelves which are constructed from heavy gauge galvanized steel and are fully adjustable every 1" if needed. Massive Chrome Plated Hardware™ which is included holds it all together. Some assembly required. We can custom make any height up to 24" tall at no additional cost - so you can get the exact height you need. Casters add an additional 3-1/2" to overall height. For home, patio, garage, factory, office, retail space and more. Looks great, works even better.™

BULLET All Metal Construction
     Shelves: galvanized steel
     Uprights: diamond plate
BULLET Flanged Shelves
Shelves are flanged 1-1/2" for strength and rigidity
BULLET Adjustable Shelves
     Position of shelves can be adjusted every one inch
BULLET Custom Height
     We custom make any height you need up to 24" tall - at no extra charge
BULLET Massive Chrome Hardware
     The best fasteners on the market hold it all together
BULLET Easy to Clean
     just wipe off
BULLET Chemical Resistant
resistant to oil, grease, petroleum products, antifreeze and most household chemicals
UV Stable and stain resistant 
BULLET Some Assembly Required
     all hardware included
BULLET Use for Storage, Organization & Display
     looks good, works great
BULLET Commercial and Residential Use
     factories, offices, retail spaces, home, garage, patio and more
BULLET Real Commercial Grade Diamond Plate
not the imitation stamped metal that others use.
  H W


garage storage shelving

any height
up to 24"
your choice!
44" 20"
Note: casters add an additional
3-1/2" to overall height
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DiamondRack TV™
DiamondRack TV™

No Casters

any height
up to 24"
your choice!


DiamondRack TV™

Casters: 4

any height
up to 24"
your choice!

Note: casters add an additional 3-1/2" to overall height


Extra Shelf




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